Corporate Events at the Golf Resort

Why organize a corporate event at the Golf Resort?

Golf is becoming ever more popular in the Czech Republic each year and the broad public is becoming increasingly aware of this sport. It gradually ceases to have the reputation of a snobbish sport and people of all age groups pick up. Golf can make a pleasant environment to establish new business relations and to invigorate existing partnerships, as well as an original teambuilding activity for your employees. Can you think of a better environment to open business partnerships, relax, regenerate and have fun? Select out of our wide range of services and we will tailor your event to suit your needs.



Golf Resort Hluboká is the perfect place to hold your corporate golf tournament. Each year, we organize dozens of golf tournaments and certainly are well experienced at it. We can prepare a tournament for you to meet your requirements and visions. No matter the size of a tournament, we are able to prepare a sport contest for small or large groups, as well as a great commercial tournament for your partners, clients or employees.

Our tournament organization services include:

  • Full technical preparation of the course
  • Making of the start list
  • Accreditation of golfers before start
  • Green Fee for the 18-hole ‘masters’ course PAR 72
  • Green Fee for the 9-hole public course PAR 30
  • Tournament organizing work – recording to the Czech Golf Federation server, inscribing of scorecards, distribution of inserted contests
  • Processing of results on the Czech Golf Federation server
  • Services of a starter, marshal and judge
  • Course decorations / pin position
  • Sound equipment for the Clubhouse and deck
  • Tokens and admission to the driving range
  • Positioning of advertising tarpaulins, vehicles, etc. to be exhibited
  • Experienced hostess team, caddies
  • Refreshments / buffet for your guests
  • Lending of golf equipment
  • Rental of golf electric carts
  • Clubhouse premises for the tournament opening and announcements
  • Golf academy for beginners lectured by an experienced trainer
  • Placement and installation of advertising banners
  • Placement of advertising within the Clubhouse premises

In addition to the above services, we would be happy to procure for you the making of a graphic design for your invitations, cups for winners or an evening program.

The cost of a tournament depends on the number of attendants, day in a week when the tournament takes place and the scope of associated activities

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Open golf tournament is an original form of advertising for your company. Holding a tournament, you get a unique opportunity to meet and captivate the tournament attendants with your offer of services or products and thus get recognized by the wide community of golfers.

During the tournament, you can use the Clubhouse premises to exhibit your advertising tarpaulins, rollups or other promotional materials. The title of such tournament would include your company name. The only commitment of your company in case of presenting yourself by way of an open golf tournament is to provide prizes for the tournament (vouchers, company gift items, etc.) and pay admission for your guests, including refreshments. Other players desiring to participate register at the Golf Club or through the Czech Golf Federation server.

Included in the services we provide in case of an open tournament is the promotion of your invitation on our social networks, website and in our regular newsletter about golf course events that we distribute to all members of the Golf Club Hluboká nad Vltavou.

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Golf Academy is a perfect teambuilding activity not only for, and not only for, your employees. Golf Academy is suitable for all who are interested but have not had the chance to try golf yet. Academy is organized for groups of the minimum of 8 persons.

Under the leadership of an experienced golf trainer, the attendants learn basic strokes – long and short drives, they learn about golf rules and ethics. At the Academy, attendants acquire basic playing skills and information that facilitates their admission to the world of golf.

  1. The first part of Golf Academy takes place at the Driving Range (approximately 2 hours long)
    The trainer takes the Academy participants to teeing-ground where clubs are introduced and basic rules of golf are stated. Participants learn a correct posture at stroking, golf swing and putting. During the lesson, the trainer provides individual advice to participants and answers their questions. The organization of a small putting tournament for the participants is optional.
  2. Second part – public 9-hole course (approximately 3 hours long)
    The trainer introduces the participants to the rules of a golf game and organizes a small tournament at the public course where the trainer pays individual attention to players, gives expert advice and answers their inquiries.

Included in the Academy is access to the Driving Range, lending of golf equipment, admission to the public 9-hole course and trainer services.

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